Haunted Houses In My Neighborhood, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

The graveyard is pretty good as long as you're basing things on quantity and not quality.  And the funny sayings (e.g., "I told you I was sick") are cute.  But that's it?  I mean, you've got a graveyard.  Try something to give it some atmosphere.  This just looks dead.  No pun intended.

It's like some kind of pre-K Halloween.  A cartoonish and diminutive vampire and a gallizion stickers in the windows.

I'm seeing more and more of these lights, but that's as elaborate as people go with them.  "Here's our sidewalk."  Yeah, okay.  It leads kids up to the house you never bothered to decorate.

A UFO?  I don't get it.

As much as I hate the inflatables, if you go all out with them, it kind of works.  Ergo Michael Bay's paycheck.

This one actually won "yard of the month."  That's scarier than any display.

It's fairly simple, but there's enough coverage here that they get a decent effect.

I'm going to give them a pass here because this is apparently the first time they've worked with spider webs.  They may not have known what the hell they were doing, but they certainly stuck with it right through to the end, didn't they?

We've got spiders, jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows, and bales of hay.  So with all that to work with, why the hell are they all clustered together in one corner of the house?

Everyone went spider-crazy this year.  Next year gravestones will be all the rage.  And so it goes.

Of course, if you're going to do spiders, do them right.

This is like a half-ass collection of great displays.  The ghosts in the trees were pretty good, but then there's next to no spider webs and what's with the two dinky little gravestones?  The campaign signs out-number them.

It's like they pranked themselves.

Very cool use of negative space.  In fact, the house would be boring any other time of year without an invasion of giant spiders.

Let your freak flag fly.  Or whatever that thing is.  I don't get this bandwagon.

You have a white house shaped like a skull (with horns!), and this is how you play it?  Squandered opportunities, man.

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