The following are Halloween-related links I've run across that I have enjoyed and found worth sharing.

Costume showcase

Pinhead costume
-  He has such sights to show you, Christine.

Doc Ock costume
A great step-by-step of the process.  Also, lots of other things elsewhere on the site.

Nate's Wolverine costume -

WTF Costumes -
 Exactly what it sounds like.  My favorite photoblog of the moment.

The coolest homemade costumes - Another good collection.

Rocky Horror-related

Cosmo's Factory
Huge compilation of Rocky Horror material.

The Anal Retentive Rocky Horror Costume List
The title pretty much sums it up.

The Annotated Science Fiction/Double Feature by James M. Curran

Audience participation script - One of several on the web (There is no definitive version).

Making your own costume

Studio Creations
Great tutorials on costuming, mask making, etc.

Making a Latex Face Mask by Rebecca Burt
A good tutorial on slip latex mask making.

Jedi Robes
How to make your own without going all the way to Coruscant.
A HUGE collection of links relating to creating costumes for any occasion (Halloween, theatrical, etc.).

General Info

Costume Idea Zone
Halloween costume ideas.


Derek Greenwood's Halloween Page
Good ideas for DIY props, etc.

Scare Factory
Retailers of serious props.  None of this wind-up severed hand crap.  Think big.  No, bigger!

Allen's Halloween FX Page
More great projects for DIY guys (and gals).

The Pneumatic Piston 2002 -

Monster list of Halloween projects -
 More things to do than you have time for this year.

Haunt -
 More projects.


Landover Baptist Church
Hilarious satire of fundamentalist positions on Halloween

Horror Host Links

Halloween music blogs

Other Blogs

Frankensteinia - A very thorough history of everything related to Frankenstein: the book, plays, films, etc. and their enormous influence.

Countdown to Halloween - A great general interest Halloween blog.

Halloween television specials


Wikipedia's Horror Portal -

List of fictional robots and androids -

The Universal Monster Army -
Great forum about monsters and monster merchandise.

The Biology of B-Movie Monsters -


Project Gutenberg - Free text (in multiple formats including audio in some cases) of public-domain works.  Or you can go directly to their Horror Page for some lesser-known titles not listed above.

SFF Audio -
Audio (some free, but not all) of sci-fi authors.

Librivox -
Audio books of works in the public domain.  I found them while looking for HP Lovecraft.

Dagon Bytes - Texts of the greats.

Lovecraft's reading list - The Literature cited in Lovecraft's Supernatural Horror in Literature

If you have any more Halloween-related links, please email me!  I very much want to expand this section.

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