Grim Grinning Ghosts guitar tab and chords

I couldn't find these in the right key, so I tabbed this out myself.

This is the tab basic theme and trhe chords for the verses.  In the original, the theme it is played both on an organ and on bells (chimes).  It is transcribed here in Am (with lots of accidentals, of course, to make it dissonant), but you can also transpose it an octave or two higher.  I've heard heavy metal versions of this theme, where the whole thing was played way up the neck, and it sounded awesome.  The key rises in half-step increments with each verse, but that's pretty easy to accomplish on guitar.



Grim Grinning Ghosts lyrics
(Music by Buddy Baker and lyrics by F. Xavier Atencio)

When the [Am] crypt goes creak,
And the [B7] tombstones quake.
[Am] Spooks come out for a [Bb] swinging wake.
[Am] Happy haunts ma[F7/A]terialize,
[Am] And begin to [F7(b5)] vocalize.
[Am] Grim grinning ghosts come [E7] out to social[Am]ize.

[Am] Now don't close your eyes,
And don't [B7] try to [F7] hide.
Or a [Am] silly spook may sit [Bb] by your side.
[Am] Shrouded in a [F7/A] daft disguise,
[Am] They pretend [F7(b5)] to terrorize.
[Am] Grim grinning ghosts come [E7] out to social[Am]ize.
[E7] [Am] (brief instrumental bridge)

As the [Bbm] moon climbs high o'er the [C7] dead oak [Gb7] tree,
[Bbm] Spooks arrive for the [Cb(i.e., B] midnight spree.
[Bbm] Creepy creeps with [Gb7/Bb] eerie eyes,
[Bbm] Start to shriek and [Gb7(b5)] harmonize.
[Am] Grim grinning ghosts come [E7] out to social[Am]ize.

When you [Bm] hear the knell of a [C#7] requiem [G7] bell,
[Bm] Weird glows gleam where [C] spirits dwell.
[Bm] Restless bones e[G7/B]therialize,
[Bm] Rise as spooks of [G7(b5)] every size.

If you [Am] would like to join our [B7] jambo[F7]ree,
There's a [Am] simple rule that's com[B7]pulsory.
[Am] Mortals pay a [F7/A] token fee.
[Am] Rest in peace, the [F7(b5)]haunting's free.
[Am] So hurry back, we would [E7] like your company.


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