Liz's 2007 Easter Parade, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
Okay, I get the ears, but why did they draw Pam Anderson's boobs on the windshield?

Yeah, al Queda!  Let 'em go!

Two guys are walking in the woods, and one points at some bunny poop on the ground and says, "Look, smart pills!"

"Really?" the other guy asks.

"Yeah," says the first one.  "Try some."

The second guy does and immediately spits the mouthful out.

"That tastes like shit!" he exclaims.

"See?" says the first one.  "They're working already!"

There are more embarrassing things than being on the short bus, but most of them involve your dad towing the short bus with his bike while making a goofy face.

Beth got PWNED!!1 in the traditional Easter reenactment of the Trojan Horse scene.

There's only eight months to go before the block party in December, so a svelt-looking Santa stopped off to bulk up on the free candy.

I hope the cops brought enough riot gear this year.  You know how ugly Easter egg hunts have gotten in the past.

For scale, I should point out that Beth and Dani are only four inches tall.

Taking their cue from bunny rabbits everywhere, the Dallas Fire-Rescue squad came with specially-equipped headgear to alert them of danger.

Think of it as a safety valve for kids in the throes of a hysterical sugar rush.

Say what you like, I think the one on the right has the cuter tail.

If you can name three traditional Easter songs, you'd probably make a better DJ than I.

Those folks from SETI never take a holiday.

Judy Greer did a nice job with her rabbit, even if it was a bit darker than some of the others along the block.

Actually he looks butch in boxing gloves.  No, really!

The Easter Bunny must have really been experimenting with fertility drugs this year!

If you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few Easter egg hunters.  Charge, kids!

"I will not eat Green Eggs, ma'am," said a young Samantha-I-Am.

Copyright 2007 Alexplorer.
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