Liz's 2007 Easter Parade
For those who don't know Liz Simmons (all two of you), everything she does rocks.  Liz has been putting on the Easter parade in her neighborhood for the last few years, and it keeps getting bigger and crazier.  Here's a gallery of some of the sights from this year's fun.

George Romero couldn't dream up a scene this frightening if he was attacked by Tim Burton.

Which came first, the chicken man or the paper mache egg?

Dani ponders the mystery from a safe distance.

A John Deer tractor and the traditional Abominable Snowman in a tutu are pretty much synonymous with Easter in most cultures.

Unless there's money involved, cockroaches are pretty much the only things that will still eat Peeps a week after Easter.

Honestly, you're a man in a pastel convertible VW.  A rainbow bumper sticker would have been redundant at this point.

Liz in her natural habitat.

Yes, that's a toilet she's sitting on, and it's filled with candy.  What better place to enjoy a cigar?

No, lady, your other left.  And it's catching up.  RUN!!!

All the special effects involved couldn't convince me the baby was happy.  Then again, it's hard to smile with cheeks that fat.

Her wedding day will be a close second in her mind.

"Yeah, well the only seeds I plant are in the ground," said Farmer Brown, and grinned as he continued on his "Daisies, not Babies" campaign.

When you think how humiliating it could have been for him, you start to realize that Sisyphus had it pretty easy.

Here comes the neighborhood.

One time I watched Miami Vice on more drugs than Crockett and Tubbs confiscated in an average episode... and it looked exactly like this.

No, Elmer, I mean the guy behind you is about to shoot!

Hey, that's a good way to cover up the hail damage!

It isn't the six pack one usually finds tied to the bumper, but it'll do.

Awwww, and they're so cute even without the accessories.

This is what you used to have to install with the first generation of XM radios.

Because if Quentin Tarantino had his way, Easter would involve a guy in a kilt, King Tut, and an Oldsmobile, that's why.

The gutter turned into a feeding trough for Dani as she was jonsing for the candy the kids threw in their war against our pancreases.

Good thing the Pope was there, this being a religious holiday and all.

Looks like he gave up on that cloning ban though.

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