Halloween Dorm Party 1993
I'll give them credit, my dorm usually put on pretty good parties for being a relatively tiny place with a good ratio of people to make fun of. Incidentally, all these pictures are from either Janice or Jamie.  I just got a set made off their negatives.  (Note: All the names have been changed.)

Me biting Jana who I dated for about five minutes around this time.  She was friends with the fat chick next to her.  The one next to her no one liked, least of all me.  I don't think any of them were friends with the blonde (who I'm almost certain was named Christine?), but she got into the picture anyway. 

In short, this is possibly the most improbable photo ever taken.

Actually, I went not as a vampire but as this guy.  Scary, huh?

Our suitemate James got stuck with him as a roommate for a couple weeks before he dropped out of school (more than a month before Halloween, I think).  After that James had a private room for the rest of the year.

Back to the party...

Here's Elena in her natural form.

Joey helped evacuate everyone to safety on account of the fact that people were drowning in boredom.

Even though we had cable in the lobby, I think this was the only time there was ever a transvestite on the tv.

Why do girls like Disney so much?  Is the hidden phallic imagery really that effective?

This was my old roommate, thankfully only for a semester. 

Next time we're around a campfire, I'll tell you some stories.

These guys went all out on their costumes, and yet I don't even remember what their names were.  Hell, I don't even remember which floor they lived on.

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