Halloween Dorm Party 1992
I'll give them credit, my dorm usually put on pretty good parties for being a relatively tiny place with a good ratio of people to make fun of. Incidentally, all these pictures are from either Janice or Jamie.  I just got a set made off their negatives.  (Note: All the names have been changed.)

Never will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Though it would take too long to recount this guy's history, whenever I look at this picture, I think of Poe's admonition in her song Trigger-Happy Jack that you "can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being."

Her major?  Nursing.  Makes sense, right?

Apparently the glare from all estrogen was just too much for the redhead.

Elena is in this picture as well.  If you didn't notice her in two seconds, you'd be dead if this wasn't a simulation.

Rahhhhh!  Too slow with the Holy Water, Cathleen.

She dieted and trained for a solid six months to get into this costume.

If you tell everyone you're gay on Halloween, does it really count?  (Not that he didn't do the same the other 364 days every year.)

As luck would have it, Halloween fell during the 14th minute of Kriss Kross' fame.

I dressed as Michael Stipe, the Angel of Death. 

In reality, I had no clue what to dress up as, so this is what I came up with from materials on hand, much as the real Michael Stipe would have done.

There's Elena again.  And that's a chick dressed as Slash.  No, really.

I so wanted to do the blonde with the nose (she lived across the hall from me).  I don't know if it was the nose that did it for me, but that's all I check out on women now.

A scary moment.  Ann (lower right) is probably trying to ignore this girl who always revealed entirely too much personal history.  She dropped out after her first semester.  Ann was always crazy though.  The chick with the bowl-cut had nothing to do with it.

No, her eyes always looked like that.  He treated her like shit, obviously.  Asshole.  Thanks for dressing up, by the way, Asshole.

The Halloween decorations manage to be at the periphery of the shot, but they put out a stuffed bag jack-o-lanteren and ran orange and black streamers across the railings above the lobby.

Those two?  Even though they were only friends, everything you read in this image is a good summary of Tim and June's relationship.

On the other hand, these two were just roommates.  Period.

Other point of interest: Elena's door decorations kicked ass, but she had to fight bureaucracy over the fact she used ticky tack to stick the boards around the door.  Whoopty freaking doo!

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