The Littlest Haunted TV
No one would have this little cutie even for $1 (sans transformer) at Kristin's and my garage sale a few weeks earlier, so I took it home with me to round out the collection.

Here's what it looked like at the start.

Time to disconnect the tube from the board..

The steps up to this point are very similar to the other sets (the ones that still had any electronics left in them, I mean).

Here I scored a line with the Dremel.  As you can see, I hadn't broken the back off of it yet, but I didn't want to try until the scoring was in place.  I feared if I smashed it first (as I had with the other tv sets), any cracks could spread the short distance to the front of the screen.  Even as I was scoring it, cracks were forming from the pressure (made uneven by the scoring process itself).  It was like walking on a thinly-frozen pond.

Wrapped in a towel and old blanket to avoid any stray glass.  Only the back came off, surprisingly.  I worried it would look like the remains of a lightbulb.

One more tap, and the whole thing separated beautifully.

I used the drill to cut through the back for an AC cord.  The original plan was to put a strobe inside, but ultimately I didn't go that route (The strobe ended up in one of the larger sets).

Instead I used another "pumpkin light" with a glass jewel on top of it as a diffuser.

It could use something on the screen, but this works pretty well even with the crystal skull from the '00s tv trying to steal its thunder.

Copyright 2008 the Ale[x]orcist.