The Haunted Console TV
Yet another tv we stripped down and Halloweenterized.  This was the last one I made.  For this year anyway.


Unless I take a picture with the strobe light off and then animate it with this image, you're missing out on the effect, but this was pretty cool.

Dani spotted this set by the side of the road one night on our way to Home Depot.  We filled the trunk with it and doubled back for our place.  (We didn't have room for the wood for the back deck we were picking up at that point.)

I failed to take any intermediate shots before I removed the speakers, electronics, and a board covering them (note pale strip three-quarters of the way down the side where it used to be).  Unfortunately, that didn't reduce the weight by very much.

Next I scored the glass with the Dremel, then covered the tube with a blanket (to prevent flying bits of broken glass) and hit it with a hammer.  Unlike in other cases where I've done this, I had left the copper coils (electromagnets) around the apex of the picture tube, and that kept it from shattering outright.  Instead it cracked and hissed for a full minute as the air rushed in to fill the vacuum.

Here's the rear assembly broken off.

I'm using the rear of another tv to collect the bits of glass I'm busting out of this one.

Oh, it's from October of 1990.

Now it's time to brush away the phosphorus dust.  A soft broom and a dustpan are still the easiest method.  I follow that with a dry paper towel to get the remainder, but that's basically all I use.

Note how clean the break is all around here.  This was the last set I did, so I was pretty good at it by this point.  Give me a call next time you need the back of a picture tube cracked all to hell.

In the daylight you can't see the face as well.

Behind it is the back of the set I never got around to reattaching when I was finished.

I also set this and the '70s tv set up with X10 units, so I could use the remote control with them.  It was just a gimmick at the party, but it was convenient for shutting them off later that night without having to unplug everything.

Update 2009
After hauling it only from the shed in the background to the edge of the deck, Jen suggested I cut this set down to make it a little lighter.

So I shaved this portion off the back of it with the circular saw.  That make it lighter.  And made for more firewood come winter!

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