Haunted TV: From the '00s
We found this one on our way out one night, and I couldn't resist stopping to pick it up.  I think this was the third tv of the collection.

If your Halloween party doesn't feature a glowing skull inside a tv set, you're doing it completely wrong.

Here, try this...

First step: Take off the back, then remove the board.

Caution: Some capacitors may still be charged even if it's unplugged, so there's still a chance of shocking oneself.  I didn't, but I just don't want to be sued because you don't know shit about electronics.

Next, I pulled off the gun assembly...

...including the focusing magnets (I have no idea what these are actually called, sorry).

Now it's time to break the glass, so I covered the tube with some old fabric (Look familiar?  It's from Dani's Yoda costume and also was used in making her Sally dress a couple years later).  This was to prevent any bits of glass from flying away.  I'm wearing goggles regardless.

I had no idea how much of a vacuum there was inside the tube, but you see how deeply the hammer handle goes into the inside of the tube?  That's how far in the cloth was sucked into a hole that was only about an inch in diameter.

Next I used a Dremel to score a line in the glass tube all the way around, just a bit behind the screen.  This was the first one of these I attempted, so this was still an experiment at this point.

It worked!  The scoring served as something of a fire-break, keeping the fracture from going too far and into the part of the screen visible from the front.

At this point I had access to a metal screen (not shown) which was removed, and I swept away the phosphor coating.

The back of the set constricted what all I was trying to place into the small space, so I took a reciprocating saw to it and...

...got rid of the underside on the back.

Crystal skull before it is placed inside the set.  (Insert obvious Hamlet reference.)

Originally I planned to keep the electronics since they were connected to the buttons, but no one noticed their absence in the near-darkness.

The skull is sitting on top of a couple wooden 4x4 blocks left over from building the deck a few weeks earlier.  They're painted black to make them less noticeable.

The orange band just below the skull in the photo above is one of these lights.  It was a cheaper, less versatile version of the others pictured here.  Just the one mode of rotating through the three red, blue, and green LEDs.

With the lights on, it looks pretty much like any other set...

But with the skull turned on and the room lights off...!

Here's one last close-up showing it morphing into yet another color.  Scarier than FOX News!

Copyright 2008 the Ale[x]orcist.