Deadwood Trees

I always felt like everything was too green to properly represent death and decay.  That's Texas for you.  Halloween should be in July when all I'd have to do is neglect watering the yard.  In lieu of that and working with some materials I had on hand, I think this is a first step in the right direction.

I needed to cut a few branches off the tree out front at the beginning of October.  Normally I immediately strip them bare and cut them into kindling and firewood....  But I knew Halloween was coming!

My friend Liz does something similar to this with bare branches, but I had the advantage of going a step further and actually having old, dried-up leaves on the branches.

Sadly, that didn't last all the way until the 31st.  Along the way, we had near-record rainfall for the season.  That and the accompanying winds took all the leaves off within a week or two.

On the bright side, the soggy soil made it easy to "plant" the "trees" to begin with, so I can't complain.  In fact, once the first group were stripped, I added a few more "trees" around the yard to enhance the effect.  It could conceivably be carried still further with the addition of cobwebs and a blacklight.  Or birds in them.  But maybe next year.

Update 2013/Tip: I need to add a lot more pictures from subsequent years when I've done similar, but the easist way to "plant" these is to use a spade-tip drill bit.  I had a 1" bit with a 12" shaft, and I could drill the holes I needed in seconds!  Really great if you have a huge front yard like I do now.

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