Santa O'lantern
Tim Burton isn't the only one who sees interesting opportunities in the temporal proximity of Halloween and Xmas.  I mean, why not decorate the tree with Halloween items?  Or here's another idea...

We bought this pumpkin to take Halloween portraits of Stan, but never got around to carving it.  Actually, I never had any plans to.  But then xmas came along, and I was like, "Hey, how about making a decoration out of it?"

I came up with a design where we'd make the holes where all the white parts of Santa's iconic face would be: mustache, beard, and hat.

Here's Dani with the finished version of the template.  Gertie is not especially impressed.

Note that this is smaller than in the picture above.  I had to rescale it appropriate to the size of the pumpkin.  It really needs to be just on the face of the gourd.

A close-up.  You can tell the pumpkin is showing its age at this point in mid-December.

Dani carves while baby Stan naps.  You can see the lines drawn in with the Sharpie where the template was previously taped.

Sadly, we never got to take any pictures of it lit up after we carved it!  We were hit with one of the worst winters on record this year, and so the poor pumpkin was slammed with freezer burn on our front porch before it was ever properly lit.  The ice crystals shredded it on a cellular level and turned the whole thing to mush!  I had to throw it in the compost before anyone saw our work.

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