Halloween: Enter At Your Own Risk!

In addition to all the other generic spooky stuff on the yard and the roof, I wanted something personalized.

The Final Product
The "Enter at your own risk" sign is on the right.

Another photo taken in the daylight.

Here's the story behind the sign.

Enter At Your Own Risk!
Look familiar?  If you've seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show as many times as I have over the years, then probably so.  Since that's what we planned to do costume-wise this year, I wanted an iconic prop to be included among the other, more clichéd bits.

This board started out as the back of an old dresser that literally fell apart and was beyond repair.  I painted it white first, then decided to go with black around the edges for more of a contrast, which I'm half-way finished with in this picture.

One of the dogs decided to sniff the still-wet paint and ended up smudging the "R" in the middle of the sign.  We had to fix that before we put it out.

I attached a couple hangers to the back of the board so I could run twine through them.  This let me hang it at the goofy angle.

One of my goals for a subsequent year is (faux) wrought iron fencing that no self-respecting gothic mansion should be without.  I think the next year was when I made the dilapidated fencing.

Since this sign is just press board, it tended to warp over time when it was exposed to moisture (i.e., rain).  I added a couple lengths of boards behind it to straighten it, and it looked great after that.

And here's how it all looks together.

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