Pumpkin Lighting String

This was an idea we'd held onto for a long time and never got around to.  I have some ideas for other variations on it that may surface later, but here's what we came up with.  You can adapt parts of this very easily to other projects of your own.  In fact, the next year I did something very similar with the glowing skulls on the roof.

Here's something most people don't know: You can pry off C7 or C9 xmas lights with a small screwdriver.  (Note: You can't do this with the mini lights including with LEDs, just the true "bulb" lights.)

The bulb's socket simply stabs through the insulation into the conductors in the cord.  As a result, you can pull off the lights you don't want in a series or move them to different locations in a strand (or to a whole new strand if you like).

This strand originally came with 25 lights, but we pulled off 13 of them and left the first dozen on for the pumpkins.  (Yes, that's a baby bottle.  And a baby.)

Here they are all strung up now.

I like Shanna's scarecrow telling people where the recycling bin is.

This is a bit over-exposed to show my now-white-trashy back porch*.  We also have one of those fan-flame faux torches hanging in the middle of the porch.  This is really all it took to light up the back deck plus a green spotlight on the yard to illuminate the graveyard scene.

*I look this shot almost two weeks after the party.  We waited until that was over before I started removing the siding and the door frame to continue the insulating and rewiring we had begun elsewhere on the house leading up to this.

Here's a close-up.

Some of the other ideas I had included some unconventional paper lanterns.  We were all set to take that route when we happened across the little plastic pumpkins and went with those.

For another variation on this, see the glowing skulls I built.

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