Planetarium Pool Room
In keeping with the predominant theme for 2010, we wanted something sci-fi for this room more than any other (well, except for the front yard).  After all, this is where we always put up the black lights every year, so it seemed like a natural fit.

Believe it or not, the color blue we painted this room is even called "Planetarium Blue" (the bathroom is "Cosmic Berry," btw).

I wanted to do even more than this, of course, but there are literally hundreds of glow-in-the-dark stars and other celestial objects all around the walls.  There wasn't time to build the additional props I was thinking (e.g., spaceship control panel on the pool table).  About as elaborate as I got was to put a strobe light under a piece of blue slag glass and surround it with black cloth to concentrate the beam to just the glass.

Noteworthy, though you can only barely tell is how we threaded green rope light around the underside of the pool table.  This lit the floor nicely since it was otherwise very dark in here.

I really should have taken some of these shots with the tripod since I'm trying to show the detail here, but you get the point.

There's a blacklight fixture both on the server and another one mounted on the wall above the doorway I'm standing in to take this shot.

Sitting on top of the blacklight is one of those plasma discs that were common on the Borg ships on Star Trek in the '90s.

I put a color-changing LED pumpkin light in the '50s tv again this year.

Note the time: 2:40am.  This was after just about everyone had left after the party and so I went around and got pics of everything I could before I started unplugging props.

Here's the other blacklight fixture.  We've since moved this to Stan's room.  The glow-in-the-dark stars were something I originally bought for him the xmas before this, although we've yet put them up in there.

The planetary mobile hanging from the chandelier.

These were foam balls I inherited from my mom's craft supplies that I painted with fluorescent (aka blacklight-reactive) paint.  Dani then mounted them from strings dangling from craft wire left over from our ???wedding centerpieces.  Nothing ever goes to waste here, I swear!

Additionally, there are several glow-in-the-dark three-dimensional stars and galaxies hanging at the periphery.  These were a set I found at the dollar store.

Even though it doesn't really fit with the theme, I couldn't resist replacing the LED bulbs with the flicker-flame set I bought the year before and then forgot to use at that party.

You can also see the abandoned blacklit circuit-board pattern on the wall in the hallway.  I wanted to do something different with that area this year that would somehow be in line with the sci-fi them we had going in other areas.

Katie as Smurfette in the Planetarium.  Who says she doesn't have a crush on Brainy?

We also had a couple pairs of chromadepth 3D glasses to look at the planets with.  I don't know how many guests actually tried that.  My goal has been to do a whole room with chromadepth effects, but I haven't found a theme appropriate to it yet.

Juno makes her escape to the kitchen while Beldar exhibits mass quantities of radiance!

Shane wants everyone to know he is a star.

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