Projects using Paper and Posterboard

A lot of effective props can be made using just two-dimensional materials like paper and posterboard.  Note that the images link directly to the project page for a full explanation of how each was made and better views.

Fridge drawings of a disturbed mind.  Nothing but imagination and crayons.  You just go where your inner psycho takes you, then regress him to around a six year-old.  I had fun coming up with these.  When Stan came along the next year after I made these, I just signed his name to them.

A Shining typewriter.  Simple cut and paste of text, some editing to make it look more random and deranged, then select the right font.  Ctrl+P.  It's that simple.  You could do more, however, depending on the project.  I didn't get into the process of aging the paper, but that's a thought.  Print a fake will for a murder mystery game or some such.  I see a lot more possibilities to this simple approach.

Misc. rooms: Circuit design.  This was probably way too labor-intensive, but it's a good example of things you can do by simply cutting up the material rather than drawing on it or printing things out.

The front room goes batty.  This is the same couple of templates used again and again to populate a whole room.  Having them having from the ceiling meant that two-dimensional cut-outs looked three-dimensional, and the whole room was swarmed with them.  Dani literally cut these out between handing me tools while I was doing a plumbing repair a few weeks before the party.

The blacklit living room.  These ghost cut-outs worked like the bats plus the added blacklight effects like the circuit design.  We used different color highlighters to add a spectral glow around the edges of each.

Bathroom bloody bathroom.  Leiann printed out a series of crime scene photos I found around the web.  They ended up looking awesome, far better than I ever would have expected.  Who knows where you could take this starting point with additional manipulations of your own images in Photoshop?


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