Halloween Decorations in Misc. Rooms
Everyone goes all out in the main rooms, but then they forget to decorate little "in between" areas.  Here are some spots I dressed up around the house for the party.

Laundry room
Until we get around to remodeling this part of the house, you have to pass through our laundry room to go to the back porch (i.e., the smoker's section) to see the graveyard.

Although the textured aqua walls are scary enough, I added a ghoul climbing out of the washing machine and some bloody rags from an imaginary murder scene.

The "laundry" consists of an old t-shirt and dish towel I keep in a rag box on my back porch for messy home-improvement projects.  The "blood" is red fabric paint blotted on and then smeared from one cloth to the other (and I used my fingers because that's actually the most effective approach).

It was a leftover from the assortment of decorations I inherited from my mom.  I put it on the back door.

In 2009 we just put up a faux torch and stuffed the washing machine with the bloody rags and some body parts.

Somehow the spider ended up in here as well this year (along with some of the candy our party guests brought).

Bathroom door
Like I said, my mom passed a lot of autumn wreaths and things like this onto me last time I visited (I drove down there, so she loaded the car up before I left).  Unfortunately, this is decidedly not my thing.  Sure, there's some overlap, but to me fall is one thing and Halloween is another (see my list of Pet Peeves)... so I made some changes.

The scarecrow was replaced by a relatively flat mask I borrowed from Shanna.  It only covers a face, not the entire head.  With no back to it, I just tacked it onto the door then added another strand of autumn leaves (also from Mom) in front to make the face appear to peer from the bushes.

Oooo, scary eyeball!  This is the other doorknob cover I picked up at the dollar store.  This is from 2009; you can see the skull doorknob cover I had on it the year before in the next picture.

Hallway: 2008
I didn't decorate the spare bedroom (now Stan's room), so I added a roll of dollar-store ironic "Caution!" tape over that door.

I say ironic because the scariest things in here are boxes of Dani's craft materials, old Halloween costumes from years past, and a wall full of more Star Wars dioramas than you've ever seen.

Hallway: 2009
In 2009 we bought a toybox for Stan that we keep in the hallway.  It looks like a little bench, so the monster from the washing machine the year before ended up on here.

Also, Dani strung up this set of Shanna's scary clowns from some strands of fishing line that make a big X across the area just about the height of the doorframes.

Different angle looking through the spider webs in the doorframe.

Hallway: 2010
With a couple blacklights overhead, the short "hallway" between the back bedrooms and the bathroom makes a nice little room.  This doesn't leave a lot of room for props, but it's ideal for wall effects.

Since we had a sci-fi theme going this year (e.g., flying saucer, alien costumes, mad scientist lab, planetarium), I wanted to create circuit patterns like this.

It's not too impressive in plain white light, but it's just posterboard and ticky tack.  While the materials were cheap enough, it turned out to be really labor-intensive to put it all up one strip at a time, especially since the ticky tack wasn't very reliable (even for the stars in the "planetarium").  We had so many other projects going that we eventually abandoned it, and I was left with loads of strips I had put Leiann to the trouble of cutting.  Maybe we'll find a use for those some other year.  Ideas, anyone?

As with most bathrooms, the toilet overlooks the tub.  So why not make that a scene?

The original plan was to use food coloring to turn it into a literal bloodbath.  Unfortunately, not only would this require more food coloring than I had on hand, I just couldn't achieve a satisfactory blood-red even adding bits of blue.

Then it dawned on me that powdered drinks are just food coloring and sweetener.  Dani bought some cherry and pomegranate that neither of us drink, so I took some of that out of the fridge and... voila!  I think we have a viable medium.  Now to complete the scene...

...I realized I didn't even need to fill the tub.  The elements:
  • Severed foot prop from a Halloween store.
  • Fake blood = generic Kool-Aid (see above).
  • Saw borrowed from my neighbor Robert (who doesn't even question requests of this sort from me anymore).
  • Rubber gloves.
Admittedly, it's the gloves that make the piece, and yet they weren't an idea so much as a serendipitous find left over from the night before when Dani was dying drapes.  Perfect!

Note that we expanded on the bathroom idea in 2010.

Of course, you have to beware of zombies like Summer pilfering your props for a snack.

Living room
I dropped this picture in here because it didn't fit with the rest from this room.  The living room was done with black lights and corresponding decorations except for this piece (see those galleries).  In the relative darkness you think it's just "Thing" from The Addams Family, but then it turns out to be a severed limb!  Arrrrrggghhh!

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