Dani had the idea to put out luminaria last year, and we even went so far as to make them, but we didn't get them out before guests started showing up for the party.  We forgot about them by the time the Trick or Treaters came a couple weeks later, so they went into storage.  Until this year.

The bags themselves are available from craft stores.  I'm sure you could get them from donut shops just as easily though.  The black is just a Sharpie and a couple minutes.

We set them up the walkway for the guests to our party.  That's Lindsey Lohan in the window waiting for the first to arrive.

Here's a look at everything.  Very iconic Halloween images.  Dani drew about 90% of this.  I did rough sketches and just described what I wanted.

Incidentally, the best arrangement is an alternation of symbols and scenes.  The latter are things like the witch flying through the night or the haunted house on the hill.  The former include the jack o'lantern or scaredy cat.  Note how in the image above I do a checkerboard pattern between the "busy" (dark) and "plain" (light) images along the walkway.

Rather than the usual practice of sand in the bottom of the bags, I simply cut up some scrap wood to roughly the width of the bags.

The tea lights are leftovers from our wedding.  We had a whole bag of these, more than enough to put out another fresh set for Halloween night.

So as to not be rushed, I had the luminaria already assembled on Halloween afternoon so we could put them out quickly when it started to get dark.

A picture from Halloween night with everything properly lit.  I did a different arrangement of the luminaria that I don't really like as much at the one at the top of the page.

Note also how I put them off the edges of the sidewalk this time.  We didn't want any clumsy or over-eager kids knocking them over.

A view from the porch looking down the walkway during a lull in the Trick or Treating.  (No, we didn't draw on the backs of the bags.)

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