The Living Room: Fun with Blacklights
The living room (aka the "undead room" was the second of the three "themed" rooms in the house along with the front room and kitchen.  In this case, the emphasis was on ghosts and the haunted tv sets.  The regular lights were off for the most part and we only had a huge blacklight and the lights from the tvs.

Here's the ghoul hanging above the '50s tv in the ironically-named living room.  Maybe we should have called it the "undead room"?

Here's the blacklight unit (a rental) above the giant projection tv.

Kristin highlighted the edges of the ghost cut-outs Dani made (too few of)...

...which lit up brighter than the ghosts themselves.

A close-up of some of the tvs and a ghost and ghoul.

Slightly longer exposure, this time with the strobe turned on in the '70s set.

Here's what one side of the living room looked like this year (2009).  Shanna made us loads more ghosts and highlighted them. 

It turned out the particular brand of cobwebs we bought worked exceptionally well under these lights as well, so we added more to this room.  Also note the hooded jack o'lantern with fluorescent paint at the bottom of the frame.  This later became Halloween Jack.

Some more of the ghosts, just to show how many we had by the time Shanna was finished.

The chandelier was originally in Stan's room, but it didn't make sense with the nursery decor, so we moved it out here... not that it made sense in a living room either.

To contrast with the blacklights and to just generally take advantage of the chandelier, I added flicker bulbs.  The lighting is very carbon freeze chamber, isn't it?

With the camera's flash or any other full-spectrum light on, you can't tell if a costume will fluoresce or not...

...but Beth lit up in the dark like Chernobyl.

Katie too.  I especially like how we can see her bra.  Some folks' eyes and/or teeth did similar.  We could have made a sequel to Tron in here.

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