Mad Scientist Lab
I've been wanted to set up a mock laboratory ever since Katie gave me her test tube set for last year's party.  We started collecting props over the course of last year and came up with enough to put together a little something in one corner of the kitchen.

We picked up this mad scientist guy on sale after Halloween 2009.  Shanna had one just like it and we wanted one too.

This was just a cookie jar.  They come in a couple sizes and can be found in exactly this style at Walmart or Target.  I bought one this size and another one a bit larger, plus I borrowed another from Leiann.

I picked up the brain as a "budget model" on eBay.  You can disassemble it into the hemispheres, cerebellum, etc.  Unfortunately, it tended to fall apart pretty easily.  I ended up using ticky-tack to hold it together.

Another problem was that it floated.  I ended up drilling holes in most of the components so that the "formaldehyde" (read: water and a few drops of yellow food coloring) would get into it.

The aforementioned test tube set and rack was for drink mixers that Katie's aunt had bought her.  She gave me the set after we used it at 2009's party.

The two corked bottles to the far left were from Michael's (a craft store) and the Container Store.  My ex-girlfriend Katherine independently bought the same for her own "lab" set-up (because great minds think alike).

The two empty bottles had hard candy in them.  Unfortunately, they also leaked, so I couldn't use fluids in them, hence the second round-bottom flask.

The tall pair were from some mango drink mix that Shanna liked and saved the bottles for me since they look like DnA (hence the red and blue for Dani 'n' Alex, respectively).

All of the above were filled with food coloring and water.

Here's a wider shot with a vase I'm pretending is a long-stem beaker.  I also put a "grows-in-water" octopus from the dollar store inside one of Dani's grandmother's candy jars.

In this still wider shot you can also see the other specimen jars, one with eyeballs, another with a severed foot, another with a hand.

The bottle on the window sill was formerly a wine bottle with a novelty poison label added by Alexandra.

There's also the Jacob's ladder in the corner, although I'd turned it off by the time I took these pics.

Copyright 2010 Alexplorer.  Mad scientist pic by Marcie.