The Kitchen of the Spiders
Whereas the front room was mostly about the bats and the living room was all about ghosts and haunted tv sets, the kitchen became all about spiders.  No reason, really.  They just seemed to work better here than anywhere else.

It started off innocently enough with a page of dollar-store spider stickers.  Since every other room in the house was painted some bright and intense color, the white cabinets were the only reasonable background for them.

(I only just painted these a few months earlier.  They were originally a dingy brown that made the kitchen so dreary Dani never wanted to cook in here.  Wait.  She still doesn't!)

Kristin added streamers (another dollar store purchase from my early-October shopping spree).  Again, this is the only room where orange and black seemed to work.

We have nine-foot ceilings, so the 2-D spider actually looked really big and ominous lurking above everyone.  I guess it's more like two-and-a-half-D since some of the limbs are hanging down.

*Guess where I bought the spider.  Here's a hint: It cost $1.

Rubber spiders love Rice Krispies and Special K.  Lucky Charms, not so much.

The animatronic spider is Dani's.  He sings "I Want Candy."  The lips move and he flips his lid to reveal candy (if you put some inside him).  This creeps me out more than any slasher film.

Kristin did a great job putting up the spider webs.  Dani and I hate working with this stuff.

As you can see to the left, I put black mesh around the windows in this room and similar in the living room.

There's also a furry spider on the table with the food including Shanna's "black widow" cake (see the food page for a close-up).

In 2009 we changed things up in this same area.  No, I'm not talking about the gaudy curtains Dani put up (What is this, xmas?!).  I mean the spider and flies.

The spider was from Target, the web from Big Lots, and the flies from a party supply store that had loads of weird items like this all year 'round, not just for Halloween.

The cocoon is just medical gauze stretched around the flies.  And there's no excuse for that lightswitch cover.

The spread before we put the food out.  The clock (which we never wind because it really isn't accurate) is permanently set to just past midnight.

Dani and Leiann putting up the spider web.  Leave a message and I'll call you back.

The spider plate compliments the kitchen's usual theme, while Dani's annual cream cheese "screaming ghost" gave way to the alien in honor of our sci-fi year.

Some more examples of the spider theme.  Note the serving plate.

Still more spiders.

The mad scientist lab around the food.  It's probably hard to tell what was edible and what was a prop, especially a few beers into the evening.

Spider on the light fixture with webs and little spiders on the wall behind it.

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