Kitchen Bloody Kitchen
We did the spider theme in here last year.  Something different ended up happening in here this time around.

We kept some of the spider theme going (note the little ones here and there), but mostly this year (2009) we tried to make it look more like the scene of a massacre of epic proportions.  The white cabinets make for a nice contrast to everything else.

The stickers came in giant sheets that I picked up from the dollar store.  I mostly bought the ones that were all blood-splatter, but I also picked up one that had some bloody knives and a meat cleaver and hatchet on them just to mix things up.

In another example of "great minds think alike," I visited my ex-girlfriend Katherine shortly after Halloween, and she had the same stickers all over her kitchen as well.

Wider shot.

You can see the spider that was relegated to the laundry room because no one wanted to climb on the countertops and stick him on the ceiling (I let the girls decorate inside on the day of the party while I was working out front, and I didn't have time to micro-manage or veto after the fact and readjust things to my liking).

Looking down...

I also picked up a sticker sheet of rats.  The girls (mostly Kristin, I think) found clever spots for them like on the baseboard here and above the cabinets.

The window sill ended up collecting assorted accessories we never found a satisfactory place for.

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