Halloween: Ghosts!

The nice thing about having a "crafty" partner, is she's going to surprise you in the areas you're most interested in.  In this case, we're talking about Halloween.

The Final Product
Pictured are two of the glowing ghosts (there are two more in the tree out of the frame to the left) along with the gravestones, the "Enter at your own risk" sign, and the giant spider on the roof.

Here's another photo taken in the daylight.

How we put the ghosts together...

A couple ghosties always go on the front porch.

(I love the way Dani looks like she's in a horror movie here.)

These plastic skulls light up.  They are made of fused plastic beads that are easy to penetrate with a sewing needle.  Dani ran some fine-gauge fishing line through them to hang them from.

She also cut the bottom of the sheets since that's the rage among all the fashionable ghosts.

Here are the two in the trees.

With the skull lit up in the dark of night, it's really cool looking to see the face backlit through the sheet.

This was taken without the flash.  Obviously, this looks a bit more dramatic than you would expect to see at night on our reasonably well-lit street, but the photo is pretty creepy.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as cooperative this year.  It got mega-windy, so the ghosts were tossed all around in the tree, and the ties on some of these guys broke.  The "Enter At Your Own Risk" sign that was up here last year ended up flying off.  I saved it and put it and everything else back up once the wind died down.

We did get some more powerful black lights this year than we tried last time.  This is a long-exposure shot without the flash.  The ghosts are backlit pretty nicely.

And here's how it all looks together.

The last year we put them out at this house (because we did the crashed UFO the next year and moved the year after that), I got more into lighting everything up much more thoroughly with colored spotlights.  By having the ghosts backlit or spotlit with different colors, I was able to introduce more variety instead of simply having a bunch of white sheets.

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