Fridge Drawings of a Disturbed Mind
A couple weeks before the party I borrowed Children of the Corn from Katie and there are several scenes involving a child drawing violent scenes.  I walked past the fridge one day and put two and two together...

The fridge was originally covered with pictures Dani's nephews drew when they were in preschool.  This is a step in a much darker direction.

  • Lawnmower running over three cats buried up to their necks.  This is an urban legend I (and probably you) heard as a kid.  I know it's false because how are you going to hold a live cat still long enough to be buried?  Really!
  • Dead guy.  Generic murder scene.  First image I did in this series.
  • Dead bird.  I wanted something disturbing.  It's not the cruelty-to-animals thing I was looking for, but it's just weird since no cause is immediately evident.

  • Close-up of scales.  Not really something a kid would draw, but whatever.

  •  Creepy clown was obviously inspired by Tim Curry in Stephen King's It and my ex-girlfriend Katherine's fear of clowns in general.

  • Rows of bloody teeth.  I wanted to draw a monster, but I didn't know what a kid would imagine.  Then I realized (s)he'd probably just focus on/emphasize the most salient features.
  • Anthropomorphic cat with its head cut off.  Partially a continuation of the cruelty to animals/pre-serial killer theme and partially an (at the time) unconscious response on my part toward people who anthropomorphize their pets, cats in particular.

Update: At the time I did these, we didn't even have kids.  However, Stan was conceived a few months later, so for our party in 2010, I signed his name to the bottom of each, even though he's obviously still a little too young to be this demented.

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