Halloween Party Food
Most of the year I think it's silly to worry about presentation when the goal is to be kitchy.  Come Halloween though, all bets are off, and the sillier and grosser you get, the cooler I think it is.  I'm not good in the kitchen with anything other than the dishwasher, but here are a few things we've made for parties.

First attempt: Two boxes of lime Jell-O plus one box of orange and a can of shredded pineapple.  The plan was to get it to look weird.  It did, just not in the way I was hoping.

Oops.  I didn't line the mold with Pam or veggie oil.  I didn't have the directions on account of the fact that they were written on the inside the package the mold came in.  (Who looks there?)

Second attempt.  The recipe recommended adding milk to make it opaque.  I didn't want to go overboard, so I only added a small fraction of what the recipe called for.  It settled near the bottom... which is the top when the "brain" is removed from the mold.

I made a third one for the party, but whoever tried to take it out of the mold managed to shred it up like Terri Schiavo's, so we didn't serve it.  Next time, please leave it to the expert!

Dani's mom made deviled eggs, then Kristin cut up red bell peppers and made them horny.  Wait.  Is that the right word?

Kristin also brought over some creepcakes: mummies and Cthulhus.

*Or is it "Cthulhi"?  Who's Lovecraft's editor?  Get him on the phone.

Since it was Shanna's birthday (and we borrowed half the decorations in the house and most of them in the back yard from her), Dani made her a black widow cake in keeping with the spider theme going on in the kitchen.

In case you're wondering, the legs are licorice and the eyes are two different sizes of Red Hots.

Dani looks very surgical as she cuts peppers for the jelly for...

...this ghastly cream-cheese concoction.  At my suggestion, it's sort of a ghost posing in Edvard Munch's The Scream, but I didn't get around to taking a picture until the party guests had already started nibbling on it.  No one touched the veggie tray, however.

Here's the 2009 version before anyone got to it.

The spider plate compliments the kitchen's usual theme, while Dani's annual cream cheese "screaming ghost" gave way to the alien in honor of our sci-fi year in 2010.

All the candy party guests donated.  I put as much of it as I could in the candy jars Dani inherited from her grandmother, the row all across the top of the cabinets (plus there are several bags on the countertop behind the watermark) that wouldn't fit.  It ended up being given out to the kids a few weeks after the party.

Though it's somewhat melted now, this began as a frozen hand floating in grapefruit punch.  I've seen this done with rubber gloves, but mine was from a mold that came with the mix to be frozen. 

Katie brought over these drink mixes in a test tube rack (and little shot glasses like the ones in the foreground).  I kept the rack afterward and we may do something with it next year.

Update: These ended up as part of the mad scientist lab we set up in the kitchen.

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