Still More fun with Blacklights
Here are a few decorations we did in 2010 plus a few experiments that might lead to still new projects somewhere down the line.

Believe it or not, the color blue we painted this room is even called "Planetarium Blue" (the bathroom is "Cosmic Berry," btw).

I wanted to do even more than this, of course, but there are literally hundreds of glow-in-the-dark stars and other celestial objects all around the walls.  There wasn't time to build the additional props I was thinking (e.g., spaceship control panel on the pool table).  About as elaborate as I got was to put a strobe light under a piece of blue slag glass and surround it with black cloth to concentrate the beam to just the glass.

Katie as Smurfette in the Planetarium.  Note the mobile of planets handing from the chandelier.  They stand out more in this picture than the one above.  We had a couple pairs of chromadepth 3D glasses to look at the planets with.  I don't know how many guests actually tried that.  My goal has been to do a whole room with chromadepth effects, but I haven't found a theme appropriate to it yet.

With a couple blacklights overhead, the short "hallway" between the back bedrooms and the bathroom makes a nice little room.  This doesn't leave a lot of room for props, but it's ideal for wall effects.

Since we had a sci-fi theme going this year (e.g., flying saucer, alien costumes, mad scientist lab, planetarium), I wanted to create circuit patterns like this.

It's not too impressive in plain white light, but it's just posterboard and ticky tack.  While the materials were cheap enough, it turned out to be really labor-intensive to put it all up one strip at a time, especially since the ticky tack wasn't very reliable (even for the stars in the "planetarium").  We had so many other projects going that we eventually abandoned it, and I was left with loads of strips I had put Leiann to the trouble of cutting.  Maybe we'll find a use for those next year.

I had fun with the highlighters again this year.  As you can see, there's nothing especially shocking about the guy under white light...

...but the accents look great under blacklights.

I also realized that there were fluorescent crayons in every box with more than a dozen colors.

They just jump right out at you under a blacklight.  Now I know where to go if I run out of paint.

Some things blacklit unexpectedly.  Since we built a blacklight bank in 2009 and another in 2010, I was able to set them up and try out whole rooms.

For example, the weedwhacker twine jumped out immediately.  Lots of whites around the room fluoresced as well: diapers, garbage bags.

Some color changes were really unexpected.

It isn't obvious at this resolution, but the wood grain in the guitars almost disappeared.

The pick on the left (top of neck) lit up because it was made with glow-in-the-dark plastic.

The trigger on the little Dyson hand-held (which is mostly behind the green guitar) lit up as well.

This black guitar changed as well...

...making it look almost red or green, like some kind of color-blind version.

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