Fun with Blacklights
This year (2008) was the first I'd really experimented pretty much at all with black lights.  Here are some of my findings.

Lots of things glow under a black light, so if you're going to put a party together using one, you ought to do a little experimenting.

I put a black light in the vanity in the bathroom so I'd have a relatively dark room to work in.  Here I have a highlighter and a cup of laundry detergent mixed with water. 

You can add ordinary food coloring to alter the shade.  In this case it was the addition of some yellow shifting the blue detergent to green.

Club soda or tonic water will work also because both contain quinine (that's what fluoresces in them).

Here's a ghoul I borrowed from Shanna.  Under ordinary lights he's okay, but...

...under a black light his cloak glows and I added some highlighter for one of his eyes.  I did both eyes before we put him up for the Halloween party, but I took this picture to show the effect compared to without.

There are also blacklight powders, paints, and pens that can be used for makeup, coloring pictures, props, whatever.

Here's the ghoul hanging above the '50s tv in the ironically-named living room.  Maybe we should have called it the "undead room"?

Here's the blacklight unit (a rental) above the giant projection tv.  The blacklight was $30 for the night which wasn't bad, but I realized I could build something nearly as powerful for a few bucks more and have it indefinitely.  See the "more fun with blacklights" page from 2009.

Kristin highlighted the edges of the ghost cut-outs Dani made (too few of)...

...which lit up brighter than the ghosts themselves.

It's not really clear in these images, but we used different color highlighters  on each ghost.  It was like we had our own IRL versions of Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde from Pac-Man.

A close-up of some of the tvs and a ghoul.

Slightly longer exposure, this time with the strobe turned on in the '70s set.  Kind of out-of-focus because I didn't use a tripod.

With the camera's flash or any other full-spectrum light on, you can't tell if a costume will fluoresce or not...

...but Beth lit up in the dark like Chernobyl.

Katie too.  I especially like how we can see her bra.  Some folks' eyes and/or teeth did similar.  We could have made a sequel to Tron in here.

Another ghostly picture.  Actually, someone passed through the shot here, but I'm sure a ghost-hunter will write me and say otherwise.

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