Black Cat Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Here's another project where I've taken standard kitch art and turned it into something for Halloween.  Another example is the Angels and Demons set I repainted.

Here's the final version.  It holds three rolls, as you can see.  It's perfect for Halloween parties so no one has to go looking for extra toilet paper.

Here's how it started out.  This cat was something my mom bought (probably at a craft fair) years ago.  I remember it throughout my childhood.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the tail broke at one point in time, but I don't recall how.  My dad fixed it with wood glue, and it surprisingly managed to hold up for all these years.

First thing I did was to pop the little heart off its chest, which was just held with light glue from a glue gun.  Then I disassembled it and sanded it lightly to rough up the surface enough for the paint to grab.  A coat of glossy black Rustoleum followed (which was left over from so many other projects.

Dani painted the eyes on it, then I followed that with some clear coat to ensure that the yellow paint wouldn't get scraped off very easily.  I covered the whole thing with the clear coat just to make it look even

Here's a side view.


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