Bathroom Bloody Bathroom

We've done the murder scene in the bathroom before, but then I got the idea to ramp it up a bit.  Seriously, this was the thing people seemed the most disturbed by, and with good reason.

The extra touches this year: Red lights and crime scene photos everywhere.

Most of these were from real crime scenes, including a few infamous ones like the Black Dahlia murder (see far left for one from that).

I had these hanging pretty much everywhere, so you really couldn't miss them.  I think there were 15 or 20 images total.

Leiann figured out how to resize all the pictures I had collected off the web so that they totally filled out the frame and yet retained a tremendous amount of detail without looking pixelated.  Honestly, this was the prop I was happiest with out of everything we made this year.

The shower scene.

We put the bloody handprints on the mirror this year instead of my office door.

Another shot of this array.  Note the hand in the background reaching down out of the cabinet above the vanity.

Man, these were awesome.  I'm not even a fan of horror movies or true crime stories, but this is just one of those really great effects.

The shot in the middle was just of an boarded-up old building.  It came up on a Google image search for crime scene photos.  I have no idea if anything even happened there.

On the right: Another photo of the Dahlia's corpse, both halves of it.

I just used nylon rope and clothes pins to hang everything.  Dani's putting one line back up since we had to take it down to shower before the party.

Though some had said they would, we hadn't had any guests bring their kids to any of our Halloween parties in the past, so I kept it R-rated this year.  Besides our own monster (Stan, pictured), we did actually have one guest under 17.  I should have warned the mom, but whatever.

Here's another shower mistake.  The tub needs to be completely dry before you add the fake blood, otherwise there are two problems: 1) you're diluting it and 2) it's also going to collect in droplets too large to stay in place, so they'll congeal and roll down the drain.

If you dry out the tub ahead of time, then you get more of this splatter pattern and only the excess collects in the center.

Bloody scenes look even better in red.  In fact, I partially used the Hitchcock method and mixed chocolate syrup (as used in Psycho) with my usual pomegranate Kool-Aid to get the effect above.  Unfortunately, I don't have any shots of the chocolate/pomegranate mix under the red lights.

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