Angels and Demons

I'm usually not allowed to do things like this over Dani's objections, but there's a lesson here: You can reappropriate existing decor and make it more Halloween-ready with little more than some paint and imagination.

I don't know where Dani gets crap like this.  Or what it's for.  I shouldn't say that because I think these are from friends, but I just don't go for this stuff, and not just because they're angels.  The one on the left had already been broken and repaired at some point (I don't know the story).

I say why not make them more interesting?  As you can see on the two on the right, I already labeled them for painting.

Now they are a little bit more demonic or at least they look like proper witches (with familiars!).  I hadn't scraped the paint off the one on the right where I got some on her wings.

In fact, the next step which I have never gotten around to is to bend the wings into more of a bat-like shape.  It's difficult to achieve that without appearing kitchy like they're fairies or something, so I've been reluctant to get started.

(BTW, that's a guitar effects processor in the background, just in case you're curious.)

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