Leiann's Costume (2011)

Here's Leiann's costume.  She did all of it on her own, and I assisted with the makeup the night we went to Oak Lawn.

The prosthetic.  Even though this wasn't a professional-quality piece, it was pretty easy to work with.  I trimmed it up a bit to better fit her face.  For example, the area to the right originally extended too far against her nose.  I trimmed that back with scissors.

No, I didn't punch her in the eye, at least not on this day.  This was black(ish) eye shadow so that the around acround the eye would appear hollow once the prosthetic was applied. 

I also went over the "bloody" portions of the prosthetic with a black Sharpie to add contrast to it.  There are certainly techniques that would have yielded a better result, but this only took a couple minutes.  We wanted to get out and see other folks' costumes more than sitting around working on ours.

Here's the prosthetic applied with a bit of spirit gum.  This was a difficult piece to make work, naturally, since Leiann would have had to remain expressionless and silent all night in order to keep her face from moving under the prosthetic.  She eventually just gave up and went with a mask (see several pics below) or without anything.

At Oak Lawn early in the evening.

At Liz's party.  Here's a side-view of the mask.  She'd given up on the prosthetic by probably an hour into the night, long before we'd made it to the party.

Another view.  As you can see, she's wearing glasses under them.

Here's a closeup from Halloween night (after the Trick or Treaters had thinned out) in my front yard.  Different mask for some reason.

A wide shot with the early versions of the gravestones.

Copyright 2011 the Ale[x]orcist.