Halloween 2003: The Matrix

I was sitting in the theater watching Reloaded with Dani.  I looked at Trinity.  I looked at Dani.  I looked at Trinity again.  I turned to Dani and said, "I know what we're doing for Halloween!"  She looked at me and said, "It's only August!"

Well, Dani had the right look, the short black hair and all.  Now we needed costumes.

Of course, even though they were available on eBay, really authentic costumes were fairly expensive.  Having a girlfriend who knows how to sew meant that Dani and I ended up at a fabric store.  As it turned out, they also had patterns for "knock-offs" of the costumes in the movie.  And I was able to pick up these for a fraction of the fabric store's price by searching for them on eBay.

The original plan was to make Neo's priest shirt for me and Trinity's pants, long jacket, and bustier for Dani.  Ultimately, we ended up finding a dead-on replica of Trin's jacket at Hot Topic in the mall (they had a lame but expensive version of Neo's outfit as well, but we passed on it).

The Breakdown...
Neo's Costume
  • "Priest" outfit:  Made from the pattern by Dani and her mom (Thanks, guys!).  The material was purchased from the neighborhood fabric store.
  • Pants:  Something from my closet.  It isn't like you can really see them anyway.
  • Shoes:  From a discount shoe store.  None of the dress shoes I had already were "thick" enough to match the ones in the film.
  • Glasses:  From Wal-mart.  This style was already being imitated by discount brands.
Sorry about the picture quality.  Dani didn't get around to developing the (film) pictures for a full 12 months after the fact after losing the roll at her brother's house in Mass. in the interim.

Trinity's Costume
  • Jacket:  As stated above, found at Hot Topic.
  • Pants:  Something from Dani's closet.
  • Boots:  Also from a discount shoe place.  To date, I think this was the only time Dani ever wore them.  She only has three dozen other pairs of shoes.
  • Glasses:  I had trouble finding these ovoid glasses until I found a guy selling Matrix replica glasses on eBay for ~$6 a pair.  I already had Neo's at the time.
  • Guns:  Found at a dollar store and spray painted black, which worked much better than I had expected.  Ironically, we didn't risk carrying them with us when we went out.
  • Gloves:  Damn it!  We never could find a cheap pair before Halloween.  There were lots of shiny lycra ones around, but none that were glossy enough to match the jacket.

Fun with Photoshop

Below are a few pics that I put together in Photoshop to mimic the movie posters.  In the first one (the faces), here are the elements:


and finally...
Happy Halloween!

Of course, just a couple months after Halloween the movie Matrix Revolutions came out and ruined the trilogy for everyone.  Now, I'm almost embarrassed to advertise we did this.

Copyright 2003 Ale[x]: Reloaded.