Gretsch Features

Gretsch guitars come in a lot of varieties, but they're mostly just a whole series of variations around the same two basic body designs (with some exceptions).  The specifics of even the same model can change over the course of the years so that it's possible to find any number of combinations.

Being a Gretsch fan, I wrote up a list of the various possible features you might see within the Gretsch line.  Naturally, not every possible combination of all these features can be found, but it's amazing how many are out there even on different examples of the "same" model.  For example,. I have a Country Club with Dynasonics, a Gretsch tailpiece, and a Mellita/Synchrosonic bridge, but they simultaneously produce a version with Filtertrons, a Bigsby, and a silent switch.  Similarly, there are typically four variations of the White Falcon on offer at any given time with many, many more unusual examples among their older offerings.








Headstock inlay

Neck inlays

Pickguard shape

Pickguard logo

Pickguard color

Hardware finish

Other features

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