Guitar Wall Hangers

I have run across all sorts of guitar displays, but here are a few designs and approaches I found to be most attractive and practical for storing, displaying, and accessing your instruments.

This is the front room.  Other than when I pose them for pictures, at least a half-dozen of my guitars are in the next room with the computer, amps, effects, synths, etc.

The only problem with the arrangement in the picture is that I have too many red guitars, and they just don't look as good on a red wall.  I would gladly swap them out for blue or green versions of the same model in the case of several of these instruments.

Mixing horizontal and vertical wall hangers together is a good way of getting some of the instruments off the floor and out of the way while still having them look good.

Vertical hangers

These are the easiest to work with if you're going to be swapping it off the wall and putting it back again on a regular basis.

Installing them may be a bit of work though.  My house is 80+ years old.  When we attempted to find studs to hang these from, we didn't have a lot of luck.  The studs were unevenly spaced, and those few we found weren't close to where they would even be useful.*  The alternative was to affix two-by-fours to the studs (which is what Dani's painting in the photo below), then to place the hangers into the boards.  Of course, this required us to match the color since the wall had already been painted. 

By the way, one advantage to using the two-by-fours is that it extended the guitars a couple inches further from the wall.  This allows me to hang acoustic or hollowbody instruments without worrying that their backs will scrape the wall behind them.

*Update: I have a funny story about that.  A few years after I original posted this page, Dani and I ripped open all the exterior walls from the outside and insulated the whole house.  It had been built in 1925, and so it didn't have any insulation beyond a bit in the attic (which we more than tripled (plus radiant barrier, attic fans, etc.).  It turned out that there were originally windows above the bookshelves.  They (and several other windows) had been removed (or replaced with slightly smaller ones, in other places), but the framing for them remained, hence the weird spacing.

Here's my partner Dani putting the first coat on the runners.

You can also see the horizontal hanger up close with the Godin on it, so let's look at those now... 

Horizontal hangers

No, it's not the cover of Diver Down.  I obtained a couple of these on eBay from a guy who probably makes them in his garage.  The end the neck rests on is padded.  The strap nut slides into a grove at the other end.  The downside to these is that they tend to be limited to one type of guitar.  For example, this hanger works just great for the Clapton signature Strat clone I currently have above the mantle.  However, if I wanted to replace it with the archtop D'Angelico, I couldn't do it because there isn't enough space for a large body between the strap nut slot and the wall.  Worse yet, if you want to display a typical acoustic-electric, you not only have the problem of space, but also the end-pin jack will be too wide for the slot on this model of hanger.

Moral of the story: If you have any variety in your collection at all, figure out what's going to go where.  And don't buy any more guitars so you won't have room to change your mind.  Yeah, right.

I haven't ordered any from this guy, so I can't comment on the quality, but he offers a variety of models for whatever type guitar you want to hang, be it solid body, archtop, acoustic, etc.

Horizontal hangers are a little more involved when it comes to getting your guitars down to play, so I have usually reserved these hangers for the Frankenstrat (since that's sort of a single pickup model, it doesn't get as much use) and the Clapton Strat clone mentioned and shown above (since I tend to play the red Strat a lot more).

It makes a cute little shrine to Eddie with the shoes, huh?

See also my instructions on how to make your own horizontal guitar hangers for cheap.

More vertical hangers

More hangers.  The guitar stands on the floor were too much clutter, and we had a kid on the way at the time, so I decided to put up another runner in my office.  I will likely add a few more wall hangers in the living room as well*.  I went ahead and bought some extras a while back... just in case.

*Update: Here are a couple of them.  I made a couple horizontal hangers for the Steinbergers (which can't use the vertical hangers on account of the fact that they're headless).

This is a convenient spot since it's right next to the computer, processor, amp, etc.  I can always reach over and grab a frequently-used guitar.  It's not really a great spot for display though since this is out of view unless you're standing in the office.  Also, note that the French door won't open all the way anymore.  Not without hitting the guitars.  The wrap-around desk is in the way already.  My next house is going to have pocket doors instead if I can help it.

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