AleXmas Stockings!

My partner Dani is the crafty one.  Sure, I like to design things and tell everyone about it, but she's the one who gets out scissors and glue and makes shit.  Here's an awesome set of xmas stockings she made for us back in 2007.

This was back before we were breeding kids and we were just "that cute couple with all the dogs."  Well, and a cat or two.  Not that I ever claimed latter.

It just says BT and Pug anonymously because we foster for the local Boston terrier and pug rescues, so we almost always have one of each.

It's all felt and nothing else.  The guitars are my D'Angelico, the black Strat, and a green Steinberger GM.*

Note how the D'Angeligo has binding even around the pickguard.  And the Strat has Lace Sensors.

In reality, my Steinberger GM is blue, but it looked better to have a green guitar on there.  Since then I bought a green GU, but it's HSH, not SSH like this one.  There's no binding on the felt version, so it's obviously a post-Gibson GM.  Well, obviously to me.

Update: I finally have a green Steinberger GM.  It's the SSH configuration as well.  One turned up after at least two years of non-stop watching on eBay.

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