High-pass capactitor
Ever notice how 90% of the volume seems to drop when you've only turned down the first 10% of the knob?  That's because all the high frequencies are cut right at the start rather than equally through the turn of the knob.

This modification keeps your volume knob from muddying up your tone when you drop the volume, which is especially nice when you want really smooth volume swells without an accompanying change in tone.

The Fix
Place a very low value capacitor (.001 µF) across the appropriate lugs of your volume knob (or knobs).

This is probably the cheapest and easiest modification you can ever make to a guitar.

Note: You probably don't want to do this if you like rapid volume swells (think Eddie Van Halen playing "Cathedral").  Doing this mod means having to turn the knob all the way down to drop the volume noticeably.

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