The Tsunamicaster

This was a submission by site reader Johnny Fair who christened it the "Tsunamicaster" after his alias Tsunami from his army days.

As Jon put it, "Let me tell you right now, it's HOT!! I play mostly metal and jazz (and a little funk and folk in between) and it's impossible to NOT find just the right tone."


neck: Seymour Duncan '59
middle: Seymour Duncan Cool Rails
bridge: Seymour Duncan Invader

5 way switch (works like normal)

1 master volume
1 master tone
Third knob is a variable split for the bridge

Pulling the volume knob splits the neck
Pulling the middle (tone) knob splits the middle
Pulling the variable knob is a pickup add-in switch that turns on the neck regardless of the 5-way's position.

The Schematic
Components pictured:
  • 3 humbucking pickups
  • 3 push-pull pots (500k Ohms)
  • 5-way switch
  • Output jack
Note: Jon didn't include the string ground or return wires from the splits in the diagram just for sake of simplicity. 

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