Tokai Precision Bass copy

Let's say you traveled through time to the day before I bought this bass.  Let's say you gave me a line-up of a million basses and gave me a million guesses.  This would have been the last one I would have said I would have ended up with.

When I picked this one up, I had literally been actively looking for a bass for about six months or more.  On that particular day, I went to a local music store to get an amp, believe it or not.  I already had the Curbow.  I was trying out different amps with different basses, but I kept coming back to this one.

I have discussed elsewhere on this site how there are three aspects of any instrument: Its aesthetics, its playability, and its sound.  I'll address these one at a time for this bass...

At the end of the day, I not only bought an amp (a Peavey BAM 210 Bass Amp) but this bass as well.  It may look like a laughing stock (I mean, come on! Tokai?!), but it really is a great player.

(future) Modification: Pick up another pickup
I wouldn't mind adding a second pickup here.  Many basses in the Precision mold have an additional pickup between the bridge and the edge of the pickguard.

(future) Modification: Switching?
With two pickups, it would be possible to add series/parallel switching and/or a phase switch.  Though I didn't set out to do this, all three of my current basses are single pickup models, so this remains and under-explored (and therefore tempting) realm for me.

(future) Non-Electronic Modification: Jacked-over.
If I added a second pickup, that would almost certainly necessitate adding an additional pot for purposes discusses above.  I would then move the jack over to the side of the bass where (in my opinion) it rightly belongs.

(future) Non-Electronic Modification: Pickguard
At the time I bought this bass, I had the seller throw in a white plastic pickguard that looked like it would fit this bass.  As it turned out, it didn't quite fit.  The pickup didn't line up perfectly, so I needed to do a bit of trimming on it.  However, I play this bass so often, that I've never put it out of commission for long enough to do the minor adjusting I need to get it in place.  Maybe I'm just a bit superstitious that I'd affect the sound?  Possibly.  Really, I'm just lazy.

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