Ibanez S470FM

I regard this as the Strat from the future.  Imagine it's 1961 and you're sitting around playing guitar.  Think about what your guitar will look like in the year 2000.  The S470 is what I would picture.

The tremolo is Ibanez's LO TRS II, shaped more like the Floyd Rose than the LoPro Edge, but different than either.  The low profile is easier for palm muting.  The neck has full binding along with abalone oval inlays.  All the hardware is a smokey chrome color that I can't remember ever having seen on any other instrument.

The two humbuckers were replaced by the original owner with a DiMarzio Steve Special in the bridge and a DiMarzio Air Norton in the neck position.

The bridge pickup produces a really amazing thrash metal sound.  Naturally, I don't listen to much of that sort of music, but it is fun to show off playing a bunch of palm-muted power chords then tap all over the fretboard.

The neck pickup doesn't really have the kind of character I would like.  I suspect it was designed for the bridge position since the adjustable pole pieces are in the wrong coil (you would expect them to be in the neck-most one).

Thus far I have not performed any modifications on this guitar.  The body itself is incredibly thin, especially at the edges (it tapers quite dramatically almost right from the center).  This unfortunately makes the control cavity very shallow.  The stand-by for so many electronic modifications is, of course, the push-pull potentiometer, but that will not fit, so I haven't really pursued anything.

Fortunately, the 5-way pickup selector already performs an automatic coil tap on the humbuckers in positions 2 and 4, so I really don't need to modify is much further except to get those coils by themselves and have single coil sounds (not in parallel).  A phase switch would be nice too.

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