Gretsch 6120-1960

So, that's my girlfriend Dani playing (well, trying to) the Gretsch 6120 she bought me.  Yes, she rocks!

I wanted one of these guitars for probably four years before I got one.  I was obsessed with Brian Setzer and the Stray Cats.  I've listened to a lot of other rockabilly as well, but only Setzer had this incredible sound.  It turned out this was because, even though many of the classic rockers (e.g., Eddie Cochran, Duane Eddy, Gene Vincent's guitarists, etc.) played Gretsch guitars, they all had Dynasonic pickups instead of the Filtertrons that showed up later which Setzer plays almost exclusively.

Non-electronic Features

This model is the 1960 reissue.  It is very much like Brian Setzer's signature model (although it cost considerably less).  Setzer himself owns three 1960 original 6120s.  Much like his, mine has the mix of chrome and gold hardware.  However, the top of his guitar is heavily flamed maple, which looks okay, but really doesn't have much of a vintage look... something I wanted.  My 1960 reissue is much classier looking with a plain wood grain, especially on the back where it's more visible. Incidentally, the guitar is orange, not red as it appears to me in this photo above.

The Electronics

For those not familiar with the electronic features, I'll lay them out for you:


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