Digitech 2120 patches

The following are patches for use on the Digitech 2120 processor.  These will work on other units as well, although there are some compatibility issues.  For more about this, see Bruce James' indispensable RPEdit software and documentation.  These are the same patches of mine featured on the RP20 patch page, only they have been edited to be made compatible with the 2120.

About the patches
Some of these programs are different edits of the same patch, cases where I was trying out a different settings but didn't want to overwrite my original patches.  As such, some of the names are repeated, although more often than not, the actual patches are noticeably different, usually in the preamp/EQ settings.

You will find an overwhelming emphasis on a few guitarists (e.g., Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, and Eric Clapton).  These happened to be who I was listening to predominantly when I was tweaking these settings.  However, many of the variations depart from the signature sound of these players, so you will probably find some surprises.

A final note: I was typically playing a standard Stratocaster through a Fender Ultimate Chorus amp when I generated the majority of these patches, so your results may vary... for better or for worse.  Either way, these make good starting points for your own edits.  Tweak on!

  • 3 Early VH - The classic "You Really Got Me" sound.
  • 4 OU812 - A clean Strat sound good for "Finish What Ya Started" from OU812.
  • 5 Pink rhythm - A good Pink Floyd rhythm patch similar to the "Run Like Hell" repeating figure.
  • 6 Crystal - A crazy sound produced by an extremely short delay with a lot of feedback.
  • 9 Clean Wah - Just what it sounds like.  Funk in A minor.
  • 10 Mozart - Richly phased with thick distortion.
  • 11 Techno - Fun with auto-wah.  Sounds like a keyboard effect.
  • 12 Fuzz Fx - Tight distortion with too many effects.
  • 13 5150: Dreams - The "brown sound" of Eddie with some chorusing to smooth it over.
  • 15 Rockabilly - Good slapback delay like on a Gene Vincent or Eddie Cochran record.
  • 16 Brain damage - The clean sound from the Pink Floyd track of the same name.
  • 17 Sorrow - The dropped octave distorted sound from the Pink Floyd track of the same name.
  • 19 Death Metal - The classic "scooped" sound like on "...And Justice for All."
  • 23 In the flesh - The dropped octave distorted sound from the Pink Floyd track(s) of the same name.
  • 24 Slick metal - A kind of detuned/chorused sound to smooth over tight distortion.
  • 25 Signs of life - Much phasing and delay like on the Pink Floyd track of the same name.
  • 32 Tight - Midrange scoop like Metallica.
  • 33 Working Clapton - Translation: With a little more work maybe this could sound like Clapton.
  • 34 Jump - Autowah and distortion emulate the keyboard part on the Van Halen track of the same name.
  • 38 Slash - An attempt to get the throaty sound of the former G'n'R guitarist at his best.
  • 39 Start me up - This started out at the sound of the guitar playing this riff before it was tweaked too far.
  • 44 Pink bass - Basically dry '70s bass sound found on most Wall-era PF tracks.
  • 47 Underworld - "Born Slippy" from the Trainspotting soundtrack.
  • 48 Cavernly - Loads of reverb.  It will put you to sleep if you use it properly.
  • 49 Falling - A tremolo-rich take on the "Twin Peaks" theme.
  • 51 Flood - A tidal wave of dropped octaves and reverb.
  • 52 X-files - The sound of the keyboard theme from the tv show.
  • 58 Clean - A basic clean sound without distinction.
  • 60 Pretty - A nice clean sound with chorus.
  • 61 Solo - Tight distortion good for a lead.
  • 62 Mellow - Distorted but not too heavy, man.
  • 63 Woh - Another distorted lead.
  • 65 Big Bottom - A dropped octave with lots of delay.  Makes for interesting rhythm tracks.
  • 69 Sleep - A quiet, hypnotic tone.  Very nice.
  • 72 Solo - Tight distortion sound good for leads.
  • 73 E2 - A lightly distorted tone.  Variation on "E" below.
  • 74 1984 - An attempt to copy the classic EVH sound.
  • 76 E - A lightly distorted tone.
  • 81 Brick dirty - Adding distortion to the clean PF sound.  A variation on the version above.
  • 84 Smooth - Like Santana's sound on this track.
  • 85 Brick verb - Clean Gilmour sound with more reverb than usual.
  • 87 Smooth3 - Another attempt at a Santana sound.
  • 93 Clapton lead - Another version of the "Wish It Would Rain Down On Me" tone.
  • 94 Solo - Another tight distortion sound good for leads.

By clicking the icon at the left you can also download a zip file of all of these patches together with a text file of the descriptions above.  Also included is a text file of the parameters in SAP format from when they were in RP20 format.  This is especially useful for manually entering parameters if you have incompatibility issues between different effects units (e.g., RP20 -> 2120).

Incidentally, if anyone has the factory installed-patches for the RP20, please send me a copy.  Thanks!

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