MIDI Files

For some reason (the popularity of mp3s, IMO), it is growing increasingly difficult to find midis of newer songs.  Thankfully, I am getting to be an old foggie who doesn't listen to much new material. ;-)  All the ones I have posted here are either good or rare, sometimes both.

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None of the files below were sequenced by me.  I found most them on the web many years ago.  Note that often many different versions are floating around and will have different instrumentation and/or otherwise different arrangements.  I present an additional version of some of the files on this page.

Realize that some of these tracks will sound better than others, depending on the soundcard in your computer.  Most cards sound rather clunky, but you can always play these sounds through a synthesizer and have very listenable music.

  • Shakespear's Sister - Stay

Guitar backing tracks

These are a few tracks I edited in order to play guitar along with.  They are different versions of the files above.  In general, they lack the lead and/or rhythm guitar parts.  If the melody was present in the original, it is either removed or dramatically reduced in volume.

  • Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall Part II.  This is a "karaoke" mix designed for a guitarist who likes to improvise.  I played this one in a talent show some years back.  Here's the structure:
    • The melody is played at a low volume throughout , just to cue you into where it comes in.
    • The first verse has no rhythm guitar.  You play this part the first time around.
    • The rhythm guitar part is present for this verse.  I usually switched over to a lead gutar sound and improvised through this part.
    • There are no lead guitar tracks throughout the solo.  You provide the magic here.
  • Pink Floyd - Learning to Fly.  This one is similarly minimized for live playing.  There are no vocal parts throughout and the lead guitar parts are all cut.  Also, this version lacks the "applause" at the end found in the original file above.  Your audience will have to supply this.
  • Pink Floyd - Coming Back to Life.  Because the intro guitar and first verse are free time, I added a simple beat to help you keep up so the chords don't change without you.
  • Eric Clapton - Bad Love.  Once again, lead guitar part is removed.


These are kind of rare, so I include them here.  You can find lots of Star Wars midis everywhere else on the web.

  • Contact - Main theme (just the main piano melody and strings)

Midi files I want

There are a few songs I have always wanted to get a midi of.

  • Roger Waters - better (i.e., multi-tracked) versions almost any song.
  • Pink Floyd - same as the above for anything from The Final Cut.
  • Eric Clapton - No Alibis
  • Chicane - anything by him besides the ones above.


I have close to a thousand midis (no kidding), but not the space to store them on-line.  If you are looking for something in particular, especially something old, feel free to write and ask.  Also, if you have something I'm interested in, by all means, let me know.
Copyright Alexplorer (except the midis).