Digitech 2120 patches

The following are factory installed patches from the Digitech 2120 processor.  If you own this unit, you already have all (or at least the first 100) of these.  These will work on other units as well, although there are some compatibility issues.  For more about this, see Bruce James' indispensable RPEdit software and documentation.  These make good starting points for your own edits.  Tweak on!

Bank 1: Artist Patches Bank 2: Artist Patches Bank 3: Artist Patches Bank 4: Artist Patches Bank 5: Artist Patches Bank 6: Artist Patches Bank 7: Artist Patches Bank 8: Morph Bank 9: Blues Bank 10: Country Bank 11: Metal Tones Bank 12: Preamp Only Bank 13: Dual Tone Bank 14: Studio Bank 15: Vintage Bank 16: Clean Bank 17: Jazz/Fusion Bank 18: Jam-A-Log Bank 19: Jazz Bank 20: Misc.

Additional patches available with the firmware update:
Note: The initials of the creators of the artist patches are included next to the patch names above.  Here's the key to the authors:
JS = Joe Satriani
AL = Alex Lifeson
JB = Jennifer Batten
FG = Frank Gambale
RG = Reeves Gabrel
GB = Gizz Butt
SM = Steve Morse
K = KoRn (either Munky or Head)
RS = Rodney Shepard
MS = Mike Scott
LM = Larry Mitchell
DL = Dave LaRue
DW = Doug Wimbish

By clicking the icon at the left you can also download a zip file of all of these patches.

Incidentally, if anyone has the factory installed-patches for the RP20, please send me a copy.  Thanks!

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