Pickup Combinations

This section is an exercise in picturing all the possible combinations of pickups.  The column on the left is the pickup combinations (neck, middle, and bridge positions) and on the right is an example, where one exists, of a guitar with that combination.

N = Neck    X = Nothing
M = Middle    S = Single coil*
B = Bride    H = Humbucker*
*Note: This refers to the appearance of the pickup, not necessarily the electronics.  Many single-coil sized humbuckers are available.  Conversely, some cheaper guitars house single-coils inside metal humbucker cases.

NMB    Example(s)
XXX    Electro-acoustics (piezo bridges), Variaxe
XXS    Fender Esquire, some travel guitars, etc.
XXH    Van Halen's Kramer 5150 model, Strikers, some travel guitars, etc.
XSX    Silvertone's Danelectro-style model, Taylor's acoustic/electric hybrid
XSS     ---
XSH    Alvarez Scoop, some other models with >24 frets
XHX     ---
XHS     ---
XHH     ---
SXX    Some archtop jazz guitars, Gibson ES-150 (aka the Charlie Christian guitar)
SXS    Telecaster (standard), most Danelectro models, early Gibsons (i.e., two P90s), early Gretsches (i.e., two Dynasonics)
SXH    Custom Tele, some Jackson models, Erlewine Lazer, Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstrat, Hamer Californian
SSX     ---
SSS    Stratocaster (standard)
SSH    "Fat" Strat, Steinberger GM
SHX     ---
SHS     ---
SHH    Alembic Tribute
HXX    Archtop jazz guitars (see my D'Angelico New Yorker, for example)
HXS     ---
HXH    Les Pauls and many, many other models (e.g., Godin, modern Gretsch 6120, etc.)
HSX     ---
HSS     ---
HSH    Most modern Ibanez models, modern Steinberger GM-style models
HHX     ---
HHS     ---
HHH    Les Paul Black Beauty

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