New Frontiers in Guitar Design
Most of the ideas expressed on the other pages of this site (and most others beyond it) tend to think in terms of only the most conventional materials, things that you would get from a guitar parts supplier.  If you happen to be the artistic type, take a look around your local hardware store and I'm sure you'll see some as-yet-unimagined instruments waiting to be built.

Over the years I have jotted down some of the ideas I've had for such projects, although the electronic modifications have consumed most of my time (never mind the fact that I have limited talent in the other areas).  Below are a few of them.


Additional ideas

My friend Grak is a drummer, but plays a little guitar as well.  Here are a couple of projects he told me about that fall somewhere between "found art" and old-fashioned recycling.


So just where do you get an acrylic rod or block of plastic or a piece of machined metal?  A number of industrial suppliers have a presence on the web including the following:

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