Designing Your Dream Guitar, Part II: Playability

This section is designed to give you a starting point in designing your dream guitar on all levels, this part is just about hardware.  Use the below chart to help you organize your thoughts on the hardware you want in your axe.

There are two other related documents on design to check out after this: Electronics and Aesthetics.

  • Fret number:
    • 21: Traditional Stratocasters
    • 22: Most Gibsons, American Strats, almost everyone else.
    • 24: à la Steinberger and too few others.
    • 36: There have been a few 36 fret guitars on the market as well, but good luck tracking them down.
    • fretless: In general, this sounds a bit muted, so it tends to be the exclusive domain of bass guitars.
  • Fret style: how high and wide do you want them?
  • Fretboard:
    • maple or rosewood or ebony or graphite?
    • scalloped or regular?
  • Finished or no?
  • Tuners
    • mechanism
      • basic
      • locking
      • none at all (i.e., headless)
    • style of keys
      • Klusons
      • Imperials
      • Grover
      • etc.
  • Gadgets

Bridge- tremolo or fixed?

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