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I am always on the look-out for more schematics or other thoughts on the topics covered herein.  If you have any questions or ideas, corrections or suggestions, please contact me.

Note to readers: It can sometimes take me several days or even a week or more to get back to you.  I do try to respond to every question, but it helps if you include as much relevant information as you can (e.g., what you're trying to do, what your level of understanding is, etc.) and if you can supply a diagram if you're asking something about a circuit you've designed or modified.

I cannot tell you in most cases whether a circuit will "work" just from looking at it.  The fact is that the nature of the designs I and most people come up with from the individual mods on this site ultimately result in multitudes of combinations (i.e., one guitar I included on this site had upwards of 80 of them), and there's just no easy way to spot errors from looking at a schematic.  I'm only a hobbyist who's perhaps gotten a little too esoteric with things for my own good; I'm not a computer.  If you're interested in checking out a circuit before you wire it together, you can try any number of circuit modeling programs.  These will allow you to design guitars (and anything else electronic) to any degree of complexity you desire.  One program I recommend in this category is MultiSIM (originally from Electronics Workbench, but they're owned now by National Instruments).  You can read more about it on this page.

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