This site is designed for anyone interested in guitar electronics, particularly those who have never wired anything before.  To further facilitate entry into electronically modifying your guitar if you so choose, most of this site was composed in a redundant fashion.  That is, some pages might repeat information from other sections so that the reader can move throughout the site more or less at random without having missed a definition or description.

Why modify your guitar?
It's cheap.  You can end up with many of the features exclusive to high-end guitars without paying those kinds of prices.  If you aren't looking for a "pretty" guitar and instead want one that is highly functional, you can upgrade any decent guitar on the market for a lot less money than you would have to pay to get the same features anywhere else.  Honestly, there is absolutely no way you should ever play more than $500 dollars for a Strat unless it was on the cover of a Clapton album.  For that matter, Clapton's signature model costs ~$1200.  The electronics cost $250.  I rest my case.

It's easy.  There are probably three ways in which a guitar can be modified: its looks (aesthetics), its playability, and its sound (primarily due to its electronics).  Of the three areas, electronic modifications are probably the easiest to accomplish and the easiest to reverse if you are not satisfied.  Further, you can switch between modifications so that you have the best of all possible worlds.  It would be nice if you could do that with your paint job as well, wouldn't it?

The tone.  There are hundreds of effects on the market today which are growing in sophistication at a ever-diminishing price.  However, electronic modification at the level of your guitar allows you to work on your tone before it goes anywhere else.  Effects process a signal.  If you don't have anything worth modifying, it won't matter how much you work on that patch, it just is not going to sound as good as it might if you made a little effort on the guitar itself.

To put things in perspective...
This little picture probably goes a long way to explaining why the average guitar is designed as simply as it is.

These modifications are presented as "idea blueprints."  I cannot guaranty that all of these will work for you.  I have performed most of these modifications myself.  However, I cannot supervise to ensure that you do them properly yourself.  I can therefore make no warranty regarding your safety or the safely of your guitar or other equipment.  I strongly suggest starting small and with "expendable" instruments (e.g., Epiphone, Yamaha, etc.) if not "dummy devices" (e.g., old pickups, a multimeter, and no amp with which to electrocute yourself).
In short...  I am not responsible for any injury to yourself or your property if you attempt any of these modifications.

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