Books on Guitar Electronics

There are a few books out there that feature electronic (and other) modifications for guitars.  Here are a couple I have read.

Customizing Your Electric Guitar by Adrian Legg (Yes, that Adrian Legg).
I was lucky enough to see Adrian Legg open for Eric Johnson in a small club and still can't believe what I saw him do.  In addition to being a truly brilliant and original guitarist, Mr. Legg also will not leave his instruments well enough alone!  There are a lot of recipes for wild instruments, although I found this short little book a bit hard to follow since the text runs straight from one project to the next without breaks.  Best for intermediate level tinkerers.

Do-It-Yourself Projects for Guitarists: 35 Useful, Inexpensive Projects That Help You Unlock Your Instrument's Potential by Craig Anderton.
In addition to the types of mods you see on the rest of this site, this book features things like pre-amps and mixers.  This is an easy book to read, unlike the one above.  For intermediate to advanced tinkerers, depending on the project.

Electronic Projects for Musicians by Craig Anderton
Although it doesn't cover the basic elements of guitar wiring like the books above, this volume includes a lot of projects such as pre-amps and (relatively) simple guitar effects units.

Getting Started in Electronics by Forrest M. Mims III
Obviously, this is not specifically a guitar electronics book, but it will definitely educate you about the various components (far beyond what I cover here), teach you some theory, and give you some sample projects to help you, well, "get started."

If you know of any other books worth recommending (or, alternatively, steering us away from), please contact me.

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