Meet Tandy...

...our new foster through the Boston Terrier Rescue.  She's 9, which in dog years means she likes to watch soap operas, gossip about the neighbors, and to tell people about her hysterectomy.  Like most middle-aged gals, she'll show you her scar if you promise to pet her nicely.

She is house-broken and says she doesn't plan on wearing Depends anytime soon.  She really is hilarious.  You ought to hear some of the stuff she comes out with sometimes.  She's really smart too.  She told me she's been around too long for anyone to trick her.

When we're at home she follows me around the house and asks what I'm doing, but she's never very nosey about it.  She isn't one of those cloying puppies who demand a lot of attention, and she's well past her rebelious teen years where she used to vandalize furniture and chew up everything.  Mostly she sits on the fouton and knits while I write nonsense about her on the computer.

She does really well on a leash, so apparently she was married before.  She likes to drive, but I don't let her.  I mean, how is she going to reach the pedals?

Okay, seriously, she's still plenty full of energy and is playful, but knows how to take it easy.  As for some of the questions you might have...

Some more pictures:

Hi, Tandy!  Hi, Dani!

She'll sleep on anything. No alcohol required.

She climbed in here by herself.  She makes her own bed around her.

Tandy saw the metal Boston Terrier doorstop in Dani's office and started growling at it.  One of our past fosters (Little Man, the pug) actually started barking at this same doorstop the first time he went to work with her as well.

Though she seems jaded by my attentions, Tandy is still an affectionate little lady.

But she hates that sock puppet.

Dani's so mean.  Guess who she's doing an impression of?

Tandy is currently being fostered in my home in Fort Worth, TX.  If you are interested in adopting her or want to meet her to see if she would be a good match, you can contact me with questions or visit the website of the Boston Terrier Rescue (for whom she is being fostered) to fill out an application.
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